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Many small business owners nowadays are using the iPad/iPhone to perform transactions every single day. From tracking sales, promote their products, processing credit cards to printing receipts and accepting signatures, these tablets can do it all. And it can often do it at a much lower price point than traditional credit card terminals. Whether you have an inventory to maintain or just need to quickly process credit card payments, we have got an app that is right for you.




Sick of paying high prices for waiter stations? Want to incorporate table side service for each waiter? Want to increase speed of service, turn your tables over faster, improve efficiency on the floor? TIM (Time is Money) in combination with Aloha can do just that!


Pulse RT 3 iphone


Run your store from your iPhone! See everything that is happening in your store transaction by transaction online real time. Compare last periods result with current period or see what the weather conditions were like. If you have multiple locations, you can easily see everything from the convenience of your own phone.



Online Ordering

Want your customers to place orders over the website? Then Online ordering is for you! The customer can access your web site and using the Online Ordering software, place orders simply and easy and can then collect them from the local restaurant location.



The Specials Board

The Specials Board is a new iPhone application allowing users to view food and drink vouchers and deals by using the GPS technology on their phone. App users can see all relevant promotions in a list or on a map, be able to view all the details, terms and conditions and if they choose, call the venue to make a booking.


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