Pulse iPad/iPhone POS Application

Want access to actionable information at your fingertips?

Pulse Real-Time delivers actionable, operational information to a user’s smart phone in real-time. Now operators can know exactly what is going on in the business, regardless of where they are. By turning data collected from the POS system into actionable information and delivering it to their fingertips, Pulse Real-Time helps operators make insightful and immediate decisions that directly impact the bottom line.

The Real Time feature gives you instant access to your latest sales numbers and highlights interesting and unusual behaviour so you can take action now. Use Pulse Real-Time to create more hours in the day and effectively manage your business when away from the office. Pulse Real-Time delivers up-to-the-minute operational measurements, including:   
  • Sales comparisons and forecasting
  • High-volume sales data
  • Net sales by hour, day part, category and order mode
  • Labour dollars and percentage
  • Comps and voids
  • Employee performance
  • Payment details
  • Transaction-level details
  • And many more..
Rather than waiting for end-of-day or shift reports, users can let Pulse Real-Time to provide them with instant, actionable information and alerts that keep them in-the-know and more responsive for their part of the business. The mobile platform Aloha Pulse expands the capability of a business POS system to most current mobile operating platforms. Aloha Pulse provides the framework to connect each individual Hosted Solutions product to the mobile device involved.


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