The Specials Board – iPad/iPhone POS app

The Specials Board

The Specials Board is a new iPhone application allowing users to view food and drink vouchers and deals by using the GPS technology on their phone. App users can see all relevant promotions in a list or on a map, be able to view all the details, terms and conditions and if they choose, call the venue to make a booking. The app also has the ability to sort vouchers by venue category or cuisine, and users can also add a deal to a favourites folder in their iPhone for later redemption. Hospitality businesses will also be able to update their promotions daily.


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The customer downloads an App which allows him to receive ALL SPECIALS that any merchant who subscribes to the system , sends out.
Easy to use, change the offers daily, to keep customers interested, increase the range  and size of your promotional investment by promoting to all who are within “range” of your site. Use the GPS to find where you are, or just use the phone to make a booking. It is all that easy.
** Monthly fee applies. 
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