TIM – Mobile Ordering Platform

TIM (Time Is Money) – Mobile Ordering Platform

TIM is the next-generation mobile ordering platform designed to run on your Apple iPod touch, iPad or iPhone. TIM is at the forefront of information technology allowing you to reduce costs, increase sales and improve your guest satisfaction all at the same time.


Mobile ordering platform using iPad                                     Mobile ordering platform using iPhone

As TIM is designed with your employees in mind you will find there is near-to zero training time. Unlike other solutions, you can use a regular Wifi infrastructure and do not require proprietary hardware. Totally integrated with Aloha, the world leading POS system. This makes table side service totally affordable to any small café. Some of the features of TIM include:
  • Order and void items and modifiers
  • Tenders, Comps and Promos
  • Split checks and move items
  • Employee clockin and clockout
  • Floorplans
  • Recipes
  • Print and email receipts
  • Minimal configuration
  • Low cost
  • No proprietary hardware
  • Robust and cost-efficient hardware platform
  • Easy hardware replacement
  • User friendly

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