The Benefits of a POS System

The Benefits of a POS System


There are many benefits of a POS System. Starting with “ease of use”.
A good POS system has to be easy to use, simple to operate because of the turnover of staff. If your POS system is not simple to use, then it is costing you money, in lost time and effort. Buttons should be of a standard size and easy for the larger finger operators to be able to use effectively. The number of drill down menu should be minimised whenever possible as “hidden” pages are often forgotten or just overlooked.
Another adjective that comes to mind is “reliable”.    
The best system in the world is useless if it is not working when you want it to be. Seems obvious, but none the less true. Too many customers take this for granted today. An that brings us onto the next point, “After Sales Service”.
Again, when or if you have a problem you need someone there to answer the phone. A REAL PERSON! Not an automated logging system. Today, many of our competitors are being forced to  using automated logging service for fault calls, just to save money. It is definitely cheaper, but infinitely more frustrating for customers and especially those whose English is a second language. We try to cater for this by having REAL people take calls around the clock, just to make it easier and more convenient for our customers. It is all a part of a good after sales service.
“Accuracy” is another main benefits of a POS System. A POS System can help make sure the cash balances properly and easily with minimum effort from the users. This also enhances the next benefit of a POS system which is “security”. Theft is one of the major concerns of cafe and restaurant owners. A good Point of Sale System leaves little chance for theft to occur. Not with standing the use of cameras, a good POS system will have locks on the length of time a cash drawer is opened and report who opened it. Although it does not stop theft from happening completely, it sure does reduce it significantly.
And of course, the last benefit worth mentioning is good ergonomics. The POS system must clearly add value to the business, being reliable, professional and easy to use at the same time. Riva POS systems not only meet all the above criteria, but they are also affordable, up-to-date and most importantly they come with excellent support and after sale service.


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