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We offer a number of POS terminals that have a small footprint with integrated printer. This usually means no cabling is required on site and. Alternatively, you can easily add a kitchen printer – to provide the perfect small cafe’ solution. Our Cafe POS Software was also designed with the busy cafe environment in mind so you can be sure that the system is always available, reliable, simple, quick and efficient. Our cafe POS system is designed to help you increase sales, offer exceptional service and maximise control of critical operations. Benefits include:
The Tools to Drive Sales – The system’s simple graphic interface drives throughput and accelerates the pace of service. In addition, it helps increase average bill size with up-selling and cross selling suggestions
Fewer Touches for Faster Service – With Riva Quick Service system, there are fewer touches to modify items, resulting in faster order completion. Cashiers can also toggle dynamically between a la carte items or combos, making it simple to fulfill diverse requests.
Data to Improve Operational Control – Acquire the insights you need to make fast decisions, reduce waste and understand customer behaviour. Riva PSO system provides critical metrics, including inventory quick counts, labour costs and sales at the category and product level.
Intuitive Functionality Increases Accuracy – Riva POS system streamlines order input. The Cafe POS system also provides intuitive substitutions for combo items, decreasing errors.
Interactive Customer Display Enhances Service – Take ordering and payment to a new level with an interactive customer display. The display will show customers their order as it is entered, increasing accuracy while recommending related items for sale.
Streamlined Training for Superior Performance – Riva Cafe POS offers a live practice environment, increasing training effectiveness. Staff can train cashiers rapidly on the system’s functionality, enabling new hires to add immediate value.


Restaurant POS hardware

POS Hardware

We supply wide rage of POS hardware designed to meet all different requirements. From Entry Level POS systems – low volume for cafes, small 40 seater restaurants, and small retail applications to fine dinning restaurant with 100+ seats.

Restaurant POS software

POS Software

We believe the hallmark of any top tier POS system is easy to use, fast to deliver, and reliable. All three criteria are met by Aloha suite of software. Pick and choose only what you need and add as you grow -All at an affordable cost!

Restaurant Cloud Based Solutions

Cloud Based Solutions

Where applications are required across multiple sites, they are online based, rather than site based. These type of solutions are “Cloud Based” as the actual application is run on a single site with each local site connected over the Internet.


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