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Manage your business while you are away with Back Office System

Our Back Office System ( BOS) is designed for the larger enterprise or the multi-site owner who wants to manage his business while he is away from site. The data that is available on the Internet includes daily sales , banking, voids, guest count. This information is then available comparatively to yesterday, last week, last month or last year. Trends are highlighted, and benchmark statistics can be drawn to compare multiple locations ( of the same type of business). Results are shown graphically.


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The Point of sale Back Office System reduces your administration costs, while dramatically increasing the speed and accuracy of decision-making processes within your business.

Below is a summary of the biggest benefits of the system.

  • 100% Automated –  The systems automatically collects the data from your data warehouse, analyses it and pre-populates your dashboard with reports, ready for you to log in at any time.
  • Benefits at Every Level of Your Business –  User logins can be setup and accessed by staff at every level of your business, at no extra cost, from the store managers all the way to the board.
  • Management by Exception – The executive dashboards are designed to provide an instant high-level overview of your entire operation, so that users can quickly scan their KPIs and instantly identify any areas of concern.
  • Freedom for Exploratory Analysis – Users can discover new ways of viewing their data, simply by dragging and dropping our pre-built report “dashlets” onto their dashboard and playing with the intuitive “dashlet” controls.

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