Customer Voice

Turn your customer into your Sales Force with Customer Voice!

Customer Voice is a web-based customer loyalty, retention and referral tool for restaurants. It enables you to improve your bottom line by identifying the profit impact that happy and unhappy customers have on your business. Customer Voice has increased customer satisfaction and revenue for restaurants as it gives you the tools you need to turn your happy customers into an unpaid sales force to help you grow your business.

web-based customer loyalty tool

Product Highlights

  • Compares individual restaurant performance
  • Shows your business at risk, customers, leads, recommendations, response rat, marketing and reports
  • Allows you to follow up with customers who are dissarisfied and resolve issues.
  • Shows to the latest real-time feedback and alerts.
  • Tailored to identify key words associated to the restaurant industry
  • This report is based on algorithms which read with more than 90% accuracy
  • Performance percentage associated with each key word and gives you the ability to drill down and focus on growth opportunities

For more information on Customer Voice, please download the brochure below.

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