Stored Value System

The Flexible and Effective – Stored Value System

This is an excellent way of distinguishing your business from all of the others! Private label cards make customers feel important , and separate them from “rest”.  Our stored value card allows the customer to put an amount on the card of his choosing. From this point he can use the card to pay for his own purchases; he can top it up by adding an amount of money on the card. Or give it away to a friend as a Gift Card. The card will track the purchases , and allow “gifts” to be added to the card as a prize ( i.e. an extra $10 when he adds $100 to his card ) It is one of the fastest growing APPS in the USA.


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This is a “Gift Card” that can also be tied to Loyalty if required. The plastic, credit-card sized gift certificates are personalized with your store name and information. The customer uses the stored value card as a payment card and the balance is reduce according. Simple and easy!The customer can top up the card by paying an amount at the counter. You have the use of the money is the meantime!

Stored Value Cards features include :

  • Seamless integration to the POS systems for cards sales and redemption with near real-time authorisaton
  • Unlimited card types for special promotions
  • Seamless synchronization between stores keeps card data current
  • Card balance printed on customer receipts


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