Financing Your Point of Sale System

Financing options at Riva Hospitality Solutions

Riva offers flexible finance solutions to suit your unique business and circumstances. There are a few ways to finance your Point of Sale System;

Service Agreement (Backed by Riva)

Flexible finance options can often be the difference between turning your POS system into an “investment” as an alternative to just a “capital coat”. Utilising the legal tax effectiveness of using a “service contract” can make the purchase of Point of sale system painless, with a lower cost of ownership.
Given that ownership is vested in Riva Corporation, all costs incurred during the period of the service contract are covered by Riva Corporation Pty Ltd not by the customer. This is an added benefit.


As well as offering Service Contract, we also offer rental contracts through third parties such as Silver Chef. These companies offer extremely flexible options of rental, with options at any time to convert to outright sale, or return of your POS equipment. This is a very attractive proposal that delivers the maximum flexibility to the customer.

Lease Finance (Bank)

We can also arrange third party finance though Banks or Finance Companies.
And of course, we do take cash as well. Anyone of the above options can be used to make the ownership of your next POS System as painless as possible.
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