We supply a wide range of Point of Sale hardware– designed to meet all different requirements.  From Entry Level POS systems – low volume for cafes, small 40 seater restaurants, and small retail applications  to large fine dining restaurants.

POS Terminals

POS Terminals

Riva offers a wide range of POS terminals to cater for different business needs and requirements. There are different solutions and configurations suitable for different types of enviroment such as cafe, bar, restaurant, retail store, takeway/ food delivery store, night club, winery and many more.
kitchen management system

Kitchen Management System

Kitchen Management system helps you maximise guest satisfaction, reduce staff costs, minimise kitchen errors and reduce wasted food. Kitchen staff is more productive and able to focus solely on food quality. With its bright graphical displays, robust reporting capabilities and quote time calculators, our KMS gives you better analysis, enhanced organisation of items and controlled timing functionality.


Digital Menu Board

Digital Menu Board

Digital Menu Board is quickly becoming a standard fixture in restaurant, QSR, cafe, bar and many other hospitality venues. The main reason for its increasing popularity is because Digital Menu Board creates eye catching, customer engaging digital advertising solution that is very flexible and is always up-to-date.


iPad POS

Tablet/iPad POS

You don’t have to buy the touch screen POS terminal anymore. Use the low cost and familiar iPad or tablet to increase the service level in your venue, save your counter space and at the same time save cost! It is easy to manage and you’ll feel right at home navigating through all of its screens.


Security Camera

Surveillance camera

Get the latest wireless IP cameras installed without any fuss. Record information on a separate DVD for subsequent playback OR record on the camera itself. We offer entry level security systems, all the way to sophisticated motion detect cameras. Secure your POS environment with our High Definition cameras.



POS Peripherals

POS Peripherals 

Riva is a one stop shop for all things Point of Sales so you don’t need to go anywhere else for your peripherals. We supply kitchen/receipt printers, bar code scanner for retail/grocery stores, cash drawers, scales as well as stationary such as thermal paper and ribbon and more.



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