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We offer a suite of point of sale software that is modularized to allow you to add as you grow. Each module is designed to meet specific needs in the fastest and easiest way possible.
We believe the hallmark of any top tier POS system is “easy to use”, fast to deliver, and reliable ! All three criteria are met by Aloha suite of software. Pick and choose only what you need and add as you grow. This is the cheapest way to implement a world class POS system at an affordable cost!



Quick Service

Quick Service delivers quick and fast solutions for the fast food restaurant, focusing on things like , BOGO (buy one get one free), upsizing, and meal deals. This product specializes in Fast Food and  is ideal for sites that require payment when the order is placed.


Delivery system

Delivery System

Efficiently managing the realities of your takeaway and delivery operations quickly improves your speed of service and gives you the opportunity to grow beyond the walls of your business.  Your order entry, order management production and delivery synchronised in one tightly integrated solution.




The cost of labour can vary ,restaurant by restaurant, with Quick Service and table sites having different benchmarks. In both environments, the best way to manage labour costs is to run a Rostering system which is tied into sales performance. This system is ideal for a very busy, medium to large restaurant.



Table Service

Table Service is one of  the leading POS systems in the USA It is  designed for restaurants and Cafes where the customer pays for his food after the service, e.g. runs a tab. Simple, fast and very easy to use. If you have a café/restaurant this is the product for you.


Time attendance

Time and Attendance

Turn the POS into a bundy clock! As a simple by product of having the POS system available, each staff member can clock on and off, providing an accurate measure of hours worked  and therefore wage costs are calculated and maintained. The hourly rate is held on file, so that labour cost per each staff can easily be calculated.

MYOB Certified Consultant


Riva is proud to be a reseller and Certified Consultant of MYOB accounting software. Riva is able to provide an interface which allows transfer of sales data from your Aloha POS software directly into MYOB. Manage your invoicing, expenses, GST, cashflow and inventory all in the one place.


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