POS Systems in Australia

POS Systems in Australia

pos in aus

The history of POS systems in Australia starts with the introduction of the mighty “cash register”. For many years this was the standard tool of trade to add and calculate a bill for the customer. Prior to this, all dockets were manually written, often lost and then more often added incorrectly. The cash register eliminated these manual mistakes and made managing a hospitality site much easier.  old Cash register

The next generation of “cash registers” was the propriety terminal with a small visual display. But a keyboard was still the means of entry of data. Along came “touch” and with the economies of scale, this became the most cost effective and fastest way of entering data in a restaurant. It also suited the emerging Personal Computer or PC technology.XP6000

Windows had gathered momentum, and was combined with touch screen technology to give birth to the popular touch screen PC POS terminal.

Subsequently, Apple released their handheld iPad which was designed for consumer use, for such things as photos, Internet and phone use. The iPad has now dominated the “floor space” of table side ordering, because of it’s ease of use, size and cost and it has become an integral part of most new Point of Sale or POS systems.



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