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Another area that Aloha POS system excels is vineyards. It maintains the WET tas payable which is payable to the government. Sales are managed at the cellar door, restaurant and vineyard with consummate ease. Winery operators can easily see number of customers, average sales value and who visit each day. They can also see by sales category what each area is contributing. All of this is readily available in one software product called Aloha. Benefits include:
Improving Visibility – Understand what’s happening in key operational areas, including inventory and recipe management, purchasing, cash management and reporting. Use insights to enhance your management of the business.
Understanding Real-Time Costs – Food costs change constantly. Use solution data to monitor the realtime cost of goods, based on current pricing or first-in, first-out usage and quick shelf-to-sheet inventory counts.
Providing Actionable Intelligence – Aloha Inventory provides real-time data you can use to make rapid decisions, increasing your responsiveness to market trends.
Increasing Profitability – Compare theoretical costs to actual spending, using information to refine purchasing strategies. The solution uses trend and delivery schedules to recommend purchases, taking the guesswork out of ordering.
Calculating Future Sales – Aloha Inventory provides accurate predicting tools which calculate future sales amounts, product mixes and guest counts down to the 15-minute intervals.



Restaurant POS hardware

POS Hardware

We supply wide rage of POS hardware designed to meet all different requirements. From Entry Level POS systems – low volume for cafes, small 40 seater restaurants, and small retail applications to fine dinning restaurant with 100+ seats.

Restaurant POS software

POS Software

We believe the hallmark of any top tier POS system is easy to use, fast to deliver, and reliable. All three criteria are met by Aloha suite of software. Pick and choose only what you need and add as you grow -All at an affordable cost!

Restaurant Cloud Based Solutions

Cloud Based Solutions

Where applications are required across multiple sites, they are online based, rather than site based. These type of solutions are “Cloud Based” as the actual application is run on a single site with each local site connected over the Internet.


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