local understanding with international edge

Roots in Australia and New Zealand

Founded in 1996, Riva POS were the Australian agents for Riva Systems from the UK and later for Aloha Technologies from the USA. Operating out of offices in Sydney and Melbourne and delivering services throughout Australia and New Zealand over the internet, today Riva specialises in the delivery of POS solutions to the Hospitality industry and beyond.

As technology advances we are finding the lines between Hospitality POS and general retail are becoming blurred and the products that have serviced just the Hospitality industry for years are now more and more capable of covering most aspects of retail and so with the emergence of cloud based products we find ourselves drawn more and more into the general retail sector.

Of course, this is proving to be a one-way street as the general retail products of yesterday are not capable of handling the oddities of hospitality.


rooted in delivering world class products

Evolving but staying true to the fundamentals

The products we sell, the applications we run, where and how we store data has all shifted in the last couple of years, but the fundamentals of Riva have not changed. The company was founded on the delivery of world class products and backing it up with service that is second to none.

We have achieved this by remaining focused on our customers, along with our competitors, we have maintained the delivery of current products that are on the leading edge of technology. We have partnered with major players (e.g. NCR, Partnertech, ANZ Bank) to ensure our offerings are current and will suit our clients into the future.


we’re always there for you and your business

The strongest after sales delivery

The corner stone of Riva’s after sales delivery, and what makes us different from our competitors, is our telephone support service. We allow clients as much freedom as they feel they need (we have some who look after all of their daily requirements themselves and others who don’t want to know about computers and just want Riva to look after the system for them).

In all cases we always offer our emergency telephone support service available to our clients 24/7. When you place a call with Riva we generally respond within 10 minutes with our average time to respond being under 8 minutes. We have a first-time fix rate better than 90% and an escalation procedure that ensures our team are alerted early in the process when a first-time fix has not been achieved.

Riva have been around for over 20 years and with our current and future offerings we will be there for another 20 years.