Victoria Coronavirus

Victoria is Slowly Waking Up

Saria | Hospitality Business

It’s great news for a lot of our clients in Victoria with restrictions being eased although we do understand that a few of you are still not realistically…
Cafe reopen after Covid-19

Coming Out of Lockdown

Saria | Hospitality Business , Retail Business

Riva POS have published a couple of articles about going through lockdown and the brilliant job our clients have done to survive Covid-19 and now, as the hospit…
Sergy Boy Melbourne

The Perfect Blend with Sergy Boy

Saria | Hospitality Business

Sargon Beteramia is one of Melbourne’s most successful Cafe owners. He’s running Riva Point of Sale (POS) System in many of his Cafes including Serg…
Cafe Labour issues

Labour of Love – Case Study

Saria | Hospitality Business

What excites you? What encourages you? What disarms you? We had an occasion to work with a new customer, who was opening a café for the first time in his life.
Payroll in hospitality business

Payroll in Hospitality Industry

Saria | Hospitality Business

As if the life of a restaurateur was not difficult enough, along comes “the payroll issue.” With many companies owning up to having under paid their staff for o…
Loyalty Card

The Importance of Customer Loyalty Programs

Saria | Hospitality Business

The hospitality business is getting more complex and harder to compete with. We look for new market niches all the time. In past comments we have made reference…