20 July 20

Coming Out of Lockdown

Cafe reopen after Covid-19

Saria | Hospitality Business , Retail Business

Riva POS have published a couple of articles about going through lockdown and the brilliant job our clients have done to survive Covid-19 and now, as the hospitality industry tries to restart in most states, the industry faces a new set of realities.

Restarting the business is not just a matter of turning on the lights, firing up your Riva POS system and welcoming customers back into the restaurant. Stock needs to be procured for the dine in menu (which in a lot of cases is quite different from what has been sold during the first 4 months of the pandemic). Staff need to be re-hired, in a lot of cases you need to go out and hire new staff as casuals have moved on. You also have to adopt a Covid Safe plan, procure screens and hand sanitiser and train your staff in Covid Safe practices. Restaurant & Catering have a website for the industry with some great information that you can locate here.

Victoria has shown us that we could be in for a bumpy ride and that any or all of our clients could, at some point, end up in lockdown again for six weeks or more. This is something that we cannot avoid so, in planning any sort of restart to businesses we need to take this into account. It would be unwise to bring your stock levels back to normal at any time soon, not just because of perishables but also to help manage your cash flow. A reduced menu may be prudent, the PMIX report that your Aloha system can produce will help confirm your best sellers remembering to look at last winter not the last 6 months.

Get in touch with your cleaning contractors and make sure they are both qualified and resourced up enough to implement a deep clean should you get a case that has been in your establishment, the last thing you need is to be closed for days because you cannot get the correct services quickly.

In NSW there have been a few problems tracking people from venues because the recording of who is in the establishment has been inadequate, expect and plan for physically confirming the identity of anyone coming through your doors, this may mean an extra person and a tracking book. Don’t forget that the entries need a time stamp, when contact tracing they usually want to know who was in during some specific hours.

Riva POS will be there right through this and we will keep as many services running normally as we can considering restrictions so for any assistance we can offer please call our support service on 1800 810 156.