09 December 19

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Saria | Riva POS News

People will tell you that going into the Hospitality business is an easy way to make money. Well it can be. But if you look at the success ratios it is also a much easier way to lose money. What is the difference between one and the other?

Manage Costs ! Restaurants are one of the most difficult business environments to run. Labour costs are variable and subject to movement based on the hours worked. This means a roster of staff are required to maintain service level/s. Staff availability is also a big problem, that needs to ensure good level of service is provided. Of course rent is also an issue with monthly out goings rising all too frequently. And if that is not enough, often the competition is family oriented, where award rates are not paid.

POS systems have come into their own, and are able to provide a plethora of information. How much you make per customer, size of the basket, cost of “specials”, and how much you sell per site, and so it goes on. Riva POS have solutions that will isolate costs for food, labour but not much we can do on rental. The POS solutions are at the forefront of helping you to manage your business. Mistakes cost money! Elimination of mistakes saves money.

Now there is another problem that needs to be managed of late the use of iPad, has made an incredible leap of faith into the market. But no one has thought about the capacity of our Australian network to carry such increased traffic. Our network speeds are way behind Europe and the States. This creates a problem for the speed of service. Invest in heavy network speeds. Looking at the sheer volume of traffic increases has brought unreliable service to the market. All of these problems have to be dealt with by the manager/owner.

Not one size fits all! Some solution providers will Sell iOS as the platform of choice And they may be right . iOS/iPad are cheap and can afford to be replaced every two years. While they look “clean and tidy”, compared with a 15” Windows platform, they may not be the very best solution. In some instances, they will be the best and lowest cost option to be taken. The real advantage of iOS as a platform (compared to Windows) is that it is an easier and faster development environment. This, of course can be important, but may not be the only mainstay. Integration is becoming the new norm, with the rise of companies like Doshii, R-EX Australasia. It is becoming more frequent that having integration with set APPS makes the owner of a new business to day more competitive if he can employ the skills of multiple companies and can create an environment of being able to choose which part of the solution he wants to keep. But then of course, you have to be able to support it!! Riva POS offers the perfect support base to manage these complex solutions.