10 February 20

Labour of Love – Case Study

Cafe Labour issues

Saria | Hospitality Business

What excites you? What encourages you? What disarms you?

We had an occasion to work with a new customer, who was opening a café for the first time in his life. Life was so good, nothing could go wrong – much! He has 40 seats that are used by his customers. A Point of Sale (POS) System which allows remote entry of orders from the table and to contrast that he has one side of his business open to the passing traffic and he wants to put a Kiosk (self serve) to reduce time (waiting) for customer orders. Has anyone had experience with using kiosks? Simple? I don’t think so. Just install a 22” monitor connected to the PC by cat 5 cable? Should work. Except there is an issue with customers.

Customers will “play” with the screen format so it is necessary to make the order water tight. In other words, if the customer says no tomato sauce or café latte the order must reflect what he wants NOT what he entered.

Then there is the payment for the order. Payment has to be pre-paid before delivery – to make sure there are no walk outs. Items have to be graphical to get maximum impact . This means maintenance of the database has to be relatively straight forward and not to many “quirky changes”. Most cafes don’t have available staff waiting around just to change the POS database.

So Day One:

We opened at 7am and by lunch time, (2pm) we had served 387 customers with self service covering 10 orders. Were they orders we would not have got, had we not had the kiosk POS to expedite those orders. That is a another story line. No cancelled orders and no walk outs.

Day Two: Onward Christian soldiers…

The number of orders fell back and the number of self serve orders has increased. Are the people who are ordering on second day the same as those on Day One? Need to find out.. The thing that was interesting that self service orders had increased to 22. Over double previous day, BUT average order value had fallen to $12.19 per chit.

Day Three: Order and Collect

We open to mobile orders. This now introduces another problem – customer has to be on foot. Different perspective to a drive thru.

Day Four: How do you value your customer?

Do you want to increase average chit value, or the number of customers, or impromptu selling when the customer comes in? How many of your customers are “sold” the coffee with the cake? We are now seeing by Friday, the number of mobile orders leveling back to 17 (is this the new standard) or is the increasing the number of “coffees” that we are set up to sell? The aim is to increase the sales per person the size of the chit, the time it takes to take an order.