06 April 20

POS After Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Cafe owner during Coronavirus pandemic

Saria | Tips and Tricks

As the government is telling us, we are all in this together, and there are limited options for trade at the moment. For those clients who run Fast-Food or had or have added a pickup and Delivery service to the POS Software for your customers then Riva will be right there with your support team as we have always been. We have had to adjust support because, as all of our customers have also felt, we have also suffered a dramatic reduction in revenue. That said the core of our POS support service remains and we will keep our team going as best we can, this may slow response times during busy periods, but we will prioritise more serious issues to keep everyone trading.

Eventually this pandemic will come to an end and business will ramp back up again and those best prepared will benefit the most so we thought we would just pass on some of our ideas  for surviving the pandemic and being ready to hit the ground running.

Firstly, let’s not kid ourselves, Covid-19 is serious so you need to protect yourself and your staff, Government web sites have some great information on this and we suggest you keep up to date with the latest requests and requirements they put out (almost daily at the moment).

While your either cannot trade or are running with massive reductions in turnover there are things you can do to protect your business:

  1. Contact your suppliers (including us) and ask for a reduction in services costs to reflect the change in your business, the good ones will waive services if your not trading and offer discounts if your business is suffering but remember that you need all of your suppliers to survive so be fair in your expectations.
  2. We have customers taking advantage of their supply chain and selling Bread, Milk and vegetables direct to the public (especially in more remote communities), Riva has added generic GST FREE products to allow them simple transactions on their Aloha POS system.
  3. Take the opportunity to give the place a serious deep clean and check the usability of all fridges, freezers and cooking equipment, I was just talking to one of our Melbourne Point of Sale clients and she has spent the last 2 days getting the place spotless so she is now happy to put the business into hibernation knowing nothing is going to be growing that should not be there.
  4. It’s also a good time to get those little repairs done.
  5. Your Aloha POS solution has got wealth of information that for the most part is unused. Now is the time to review your menu, see what needs refreshing and, as you are unsure when we will be trading again, plan your next Summer and Winter menu. Review plate costing so you can make sure your margins are where you want them. Did you know that in Aloha POS Software you can enter the plate cost of each item and have the system monitoring your margins for you?
  6. Clean down your old data. Aloha has a lot of information in it and some of it will be old historical data that should be removed so it does not clog up your reports, you can talk to Riva POS about learning how to maintain your system sop you can keep it refreshed into the future.
  7. A lot of clients with effective POS Systems will also have a range of contact information from clients, it is a good time to keep in touch with your clients via SMS, Email or your Facebook page and let them know how your business is travelling and what is planned for when the pandemic is over.

That’s all great and it will help keep you busy with some productive work while your trade is restricted or banned but your next thought needs to be how to get ready for the end of the Pandemic.

The hospitality and retail industries have been very early commercial casualties of Covid-19 but maybe the light at the end of the tunnel is that once the bans are relaxed everyone is going to want to be out and about. The best traders will be ready with fresh looking restaurants, refreshed menus and attractions to bring those customers back through the doors.

Plan your promotions as a relaunch of your business.

Setup processes and procedures for your staff to follow, get your POS Solutions geared up and tested for your new promotions. Check that your POS Terminals are working, and the printers are all connected properly. Check that your Tablet POS system units are fully charged (check them for battery life by running them for a full shift). Remember that your kitchen team have a mountain of prep to do so make sure you allow them enough time before opening to get everything ready.

As soon as dates for the relaxing / removal of restrictions is announced make sure you are ready to take bookings both online and at the restaurant, oh, and make sure you update your greeting on telephone answering so customers know you are re-opening and are keen to see them back.

In conclusion, although times are grim at the moment there are lots of things you can do to protect your business then, recharge your batteries, and get ready for the next 6 months beyond Covid-19

Stay Safe