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The original. Easy to use point of sale and business management. Great for all types of retail businesses from boutiques and gift shops to vape stores.

NCR Silver is an integrated payment, marketing and management solution that can transform a tablet into a complete POS system, capable of sales reporting, employee management, inventory management and more. Designed for small to medium business merchants, NCR Silver is ideal for those who need a mobile solution to complete transactions as well as manage business remotely.

Manage multiple store locations. Track sales, inventory and hours. Balance your books and pay vendors. Attract new shoppers and engage existing ones.

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NCR Silver Logo

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Retail Solutions

Inventory management

Inventory quick count with up-to-the-minute inventory item tracking based on sales

Retail Solutions

Customer loyalty

Easily create, run and manage reward programs. Loyalty fits seamlessly into the checkout process, automatically tracking rewards with each sale

feature_employee management

Employee management

Assign roles and track employee time with clock-in-clock-out. Employee portal empowers your team to manage shift changes, review schedules and more

feature_online store

Online store

Easily launch a branded website and start making sales even when you’re sleeping

Retail Solutions

Multi-store management

Track sales and manage information across multiple locations with consolidated or drilled down reporting

Retail Solutions

24/7 Customer support

Reply on a customer care team that is there whenever you need help tracking a technology challenge to ensure your business stays up and running

feature_intuitive design

Intuitive design

New employees get up to speed faster, saving you costs and improving staff retention

feature_email marketing

Email marketing

Engage customers and prospects with targeted and customised email campaigns integrated with your social media accounts

feature_flexible payment

Flexible payments

Offer your customers the payment options they want, whether it’s Apple Pay or Samsung Pay

feature_actionable insights

Actionable insights

Analyse sales, employee and inventory data to make better decisions

NCR software on desktop

additional features for a quicker service

Additional functionality with NCR Silver

NCR Console
With Silver Console, you have super-detailed reporting and easy-to-use management tools in one time-saving dashboard. Customise as you see fit. Improve your bottom line. Free up time to do what you do best: Serve customers.

  • With an integrated calendar, sales intelligence down to the finest detail and automated forecasting, you’ll have comprehensive reporting at your fingertips.
  • Managing your servers and other employees is also a breeze, thanks to auto-scheduling, integrated texting, shift swapping and sales reports.
  • When you have in-depth data in your product mix, you can better manage your stock.