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Aloha Table Service offers advanced Point of Sale functionality. Intuitive Windows based touch screens, open architecture, built-in redundancy, extensive front-of-house reporting, and much more to meet the needs of your business. This peerless POS system provides you with the tools to efficiently manage your operations. No matter how you configure this system, the end result is always a smooth running, seamlessly integrated system. And Table Service modular, upgrade-able design allows it to grow with your business, accommodating your future needs while helping you maximise the life and value of your investment. What it comes down to is this, Aloha Table Service gives you the peace of mind you need to run a successful business.

We provide installation, training and 24/7 support for your Aloha POS system. Riva have the experience and expertise to provide a customised solution that will lower costs and increase profits for your restaurant.

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Feature highlights

feature_intuitive design

Easy to use

Simple interface means staff can easily configure menus, split bills and add modifiers

feature_table reservations

Table reservations

Maximise table turns, reduce wait times and improve productivity

Table Service

Multi-store management

Track sales and manage information across multiple locations

feature_extensive report

Management reporting

See data on total sales, server sales, labour costs and track performance

feature_make changes easily

Easily add functionality

Use our API ecosystem to integrate other NCR and third party solutions with Aloha POS

Table Service

Aloha Solutions

Aloha Kitchen
Improves speed of service, maximize guest satisfaction and reduce staff costs

Aloha Takeout & Delivery
Helps simplify takeout & delivery operations and improve speed of service

Aloha Loyalty
A powerful web-based solution that helps you turn your existing customers into the ideal patron

Customer Voice
A web-based customer loyalty, retention and referral tool

Pulse Real Time
Delivers real-time data from your POS system, anytime, anywhere to your mobile device

Restaurant Guard
Powerful software that uses pattern-matching and statistical variances to identify suspicious behaviour within your workforce

Aloha Guest Manager
Enables restaurant operators to provide accurate quote times and personalised service

Aloha Stored Value/Gift Cards
Empowers restaurant operators to reach new customers through their most loyal fans

Aloha Insight
Examine and analyse data in real-time and get automatic alerts to any issues that require attention

Aloha Mobile
Comprehensive, feature-rich software that gives servers full mobile access to many of the robust features of the Aloha POS

Aloha Command Centre
Remote monitoring and diagnostic tool that provides you with unprecedented control over IT operations

Aloha Configuration Centre
Remotely access your site systems and perform updates automatically

Aloha Inventory
Helps create competitive advantage by managing inventory effectively

Aloha Connect
provides a framework to ensure that new systems work alongside existing ones to seamlessly integrate into the Aloha solution

Aloha Console – Advanced Reporting, Labour and Inventory
Provides real-time analytics in one time-saving dashboard

Table Service

what will you gain

Benefits of this software

  • Trust in the industry’s leading restaurant technology provider
  • Increase your staff’s production and satisfaction
  • Sustain your profitability and manage more effectively
  • Improve your guests’ experience
  • Serve and manage with no boundaries
  • Enhance with mobility
  • Connect with customers
ncr silver ios in cafe

NCR Silver Logo

NCR Silver essential

iOS-based solutions

Available on Apple (iOS) devices and the Android-based Silver Register, our cloud-based business management and point-of-sale platform was built for entrepreneurs with big aspirations. From single store locations to multi-site franchises, NCR Silver offers the technology tools you need to get up and running faster, modernise operations and enhance the customer experience.

tailored to suit your unique business needs

Feature-rich iOS software highlights

Table Service

Multi-store management

Track sales and manage information across single or multiple locations

feature_employee management

Employee management

Assign roles and track employee time with clock-in/clock-out

Table Service

Inventory management

Know which items are best sellers to keep them in stock

Table Service

Customer loyalty

Easily create, run and manage reward programs. Loyalty fits seamlessly into the checkout process, automatically tracking rewards with each sale

feature_email marketing

Email marketing

Engage customers and prospects with targeted and customised email campaigns integrated with your social media accounts

Table Service

designed for the casual and the classy

NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition

Whether you’re a table service restaurant operator or own one or more fast casual establishments, you want more customers and help making better decisions. Our cloud-based payment, marketing and management solution has the advanced technology you need to perform every important restaurant function. However, the real power of the platform is its ability to help you better engage customers and make your employees’ lives easier.

NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition comes with the following key features

  • Floor plans – create your own table plan and take orders by seat
  • Bar tabs – open multiple tabs with the option to transfer tab to table
  • House accounts – give your major customers the convenience of paying monthly
  • Scoreboard – keep track of live data directly from the POS screen
  • Happy hours – create event specific price lists with pricing automatically set depending on date and time
NCR software on desktop

additional features for a quicker service

Additional functionality with NCR Silver

NCR Console
With Silver Console, you have super-detailed reporting and easy-to-use management tools in one time-saving dashboard.

  • With an integrated calendar, sales intelligence down to the finest detail and automated forecasting, you’ll have comprehensive reporting at your fingertips.
  • Managing your servers and other employees is also a breeze, thanks to auto-scheduling, integrated texting, shift swapping and sales reports.
  • When you have in-depth data in your product mix, you can better manage your stock.
  • Customize as you see fit. Improve your bottom line. Free up time to do what you do best: Serve customers.
greyblock_responsive_food prep

additional features for a quicker service

Functionality with NCR Silver Pro Kitchen

NCR Silver Pro Kitchen
Enhance efficiency and reduce confusion with this intuitive, tablet-based order display feature for your kitchen or barista.
Works with NCR Silver PRO Restaurant.

  • Minimize late orders with on-screen alerts
  • View screens on multiple kitchen stations to check order status
  • See timing thresholds for new, aged and old orders
  • Toggle between “Active” orders and “Bumped” orders
  • See ”Takeout,” “Delivery” and “Catering” orders as well as customer info