14 April 20

Update on Riva POS for COVID-19 Response

Closed Cafe due to COVID-19

Saria | Riva POS News

Riva POS, like most of our Hospitality POS clients and suppliers, has had a massive reduction in turnover, particularly from our support revenue. We have, as far as possible accommodated requests from our clients to adjust support fees while they are still trading or suspend support where the business has had to close.

Our POS Software is, of course, owned by NCR and they, in turn, are doing all they can to help us with reduced payments and suspending payments for their hosted solutions, but this is not always possible. NCR will not suspend payments for anyone who is in arrears with payments, nor will Riva so please ensure your account is up to date or arrangements have been made to bring the account up to date.

To ensure the survival of Riva POS we have had to introduce some temporary restrictions in the service levels of our POS Software and POS Hardware.

  • For support of the POS Software our hours of support will be 8am to 6pm Monday – Saturday. Outside of these hours please use email support@riva.com.au and we will respond usually within 1 working day.
  • For POS Hardware support we can only offer return to base repairs, our technicians will not be attending to site visits. Any hardware returned must be cleaned prior to packing and our technicians must be advised when something is being returned so that they can arrange for contactless receipt.

We do understand that these restrictions to the servicing of our Retail Systems may cause a level of inconvenience to clients and hope to lift them ASAP but, during the Pandemic, we must make all effort to protect our staff and ensure the survival of Riva as well as our clients.