26 October 20

Victoria is Slowly Waking Up

Victoria Coronavirus

Saria | Hospitality Business

It’s great news for a lot of our clients in Victoria with restrictions being eased although we do understand that a few of you are still not realistically able to trade. As our clients look at getting their systems up and running we are seeing a sharp increase in support requests, we are also trying to gear up so please accept our apologies for any delays, these are not long but we do understand that you just want to get on and get up and running. We will deal with your enquiries asap.

A lot of sites have had their system switched off for months so when you turn it on the system is a long way behind, just leave it alone and it will catch up on end of days, if your concerned about what it is doing please call our support team on 1800 810 156 and they can check that all is OK.

Your Riva POS system will be ready when you are but if you are looking to switch menus prior to opening and need Riva to implement the new menus please give as much notice as possible, these chasms may take a week to 10 days.

All of your equipment is going to need to be wiped down, please be careful not to get it wet ammeter check for any dust build up around the vents, this needs to be vacuum off.

Good luck and stay safe.